CDL/Commercial Drivers

The physicians at RAPIDCARE are certified FMCSA medical examiners. 

CDL/Commercial Drivers

The physicians at RAPIDCARE are certified FMCSA medical examiners. Starting in 2014, drivers are required to have your exam done by a certified provider.

You can stop in at RAPIDCARE at any time and get your exam done. If you feel more comfortable with an appointment just give us a call. In most cases, you will be here for approximately one hour.

We have all the needed forms and wallet cards available at our office.

What to expect:

You will be asked to fill out a form relating to your past medical history and medications. You may obtain this form from your employer or we can supply it for you. Please be as specific as possible. If you have any chronic illness such as heart or lung disease, hypertension or diabetes it will be helpful if you can bring any recent bloodwork or x-ray results with you to the appointment. Take all of your medications exactly as you would on any other day. If you keep a diary of your blood pressure or sugar, bring this also.

Next, you will be given a hearing test, a vision test and a routine urinalysis. A urine drug screen will not be performed unless requested. Be sure to bring or wear your glasses and or hearing aid if you have them.

Next, you will see the physician for a complete history review and a physical exam. If you have had any recent procedures such as cardiac cath, stress test, or surgery of any type you will need to bring these results with you for review.

It is recommended to complete your exam at least 30 days prior to the expiration of your previous medical exam certificate. Some drivers will require additional testing or even specialist consultation prior to certification.

Online Forms

If you do not have your CDL paperwork with you, we can supply you with all the required paperwork needed!!


CDL physical exam   $85

This covers the cost of a full CDL physical exam, hearing & vison test, and routine urinalysis with copies of your long forms and a wallet card provided.

*If your employer requires a urine drug screen and not just a routine urinalysis, add an additional $50.

Any questions feel free to call:



Multiple Exams

If you are a trucking company and you have multiple exams that need to be done all at once, you can have personalized service at your company.

Dr. Labaki and staff will come to your company and perform the CDL physical exam and collect CDL urine drug screens as needed.