Notice from RAPIDCARE

Dear Coshocton, I’m sorry to inform you that Rapidcare must close permanently. Believe me the decision was not made lightly.

To the wonderful patients of Coshocton, It was an honor to serve you. I learned volumes from you. I wish you all well and I sincerely hope I was able to help some.

To the staff of Rapidcare over the years: I thank each and every one of you for your impeccable service. You are all extraordinary people who went beyond the call in so many ways. You will all do well in whatever path you choose. I was proud to have you represent Rapidcare.

As for me… I’ll take a short break. Probably a month or two but I don’t think I’ll ever quit seeing patients. I’ll probably do a few part-time shifts at an urgent care or ER somewhere around Zanesville or Columbus. Maybe work in a free clinic because that’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

Once again, I really can’t find the words to thank you enough for these past eight years. I will never forget.


Randall Labaki D.O.